Our story

Our mission is to show you what you can achieve TOGETHER with your partner, family, and friends and how much fun it is. 🖤

You are our motivation!

With our YourLoveChallenge Book, we want to offer you a way to capture all your memories. The YourLoveChallenge Book consists of different challenges that you have to complete under certain conditions. This includes certain places, a season, or special days. Once you have completed a challenge, you add it to your LoveChallenge Book, giving you a memento of each special experience. Our guiding principle is to challenge couples to try new date ideas and experience things together that you wouldn't normally do. We think this is an excellent way for couples to bond and get to know each other even better.

It all started in spring 2017 when we first met. We got to know each other through the social media platform Instagram and hit it off from the start. In our younger years, we finished high school and obtained a university entrance qualification. Then, Evelin studied IT product management, and Daniel dedicated his time to the e-commerce industry.

During our high school years, we both already really loved traveling. As a couple, we try to travel to all the corners of the world, such as countries like Egypt, Italy, Russia, the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand. We especially liked Thailand,  which is where we started our first vlogs, and we really enjoyed making them. That trip showed us how important and beautiful it is to capture individual moments and experiences in photos.

With the YourLoveChallenge Book, we wanted to offer every couple the opportunity to cherish their special moments. We have developed a clever concept to do just that. Fun challenges await for you to complete together!

The story continues!

Continue your story in the most exciting way with the YourLoveChallenge Book now. You will find wonderful ideas on ways to strengthen your relationship and go on hundreds of new adventures. 

Show the world what you have experienced together and use the hashtag #yourlovechallengebook to share it with us. We hope you have a lot of fun!